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ג€¢ Rechargeable by USB (Cable supplied)
ג€¢ 3 Modes - Turbo/High/Low.
ג€¢ 180 Lumens / 90 Lumens / 30 Lumens.
ג€¢ Run time lantern: 20 hours / 12 hours / 6 hours.
ג€¢ Run time Mosquito Zapper 15 hours.
ג€¢ Recharge time: Approximately 3 hours.
ג€¢ Use either free standing or hanging for best effect.
ג€¢ Water-resistant - rinse grid to clean (No brush required)
ג€¢ Uses Lithium polymer battery technology.
ג€¢ Lightweight - 204g and Compact - 88 o x129mm.
ג€¢ Ideal for travelling, marine, camping, hiking, outdoor, garden, pathway, table or childrenג€™s night light.
ג€¢ Replaces the need for dangerous chemicals or sprays.

U/Tec BUG LED Lantern - Green or Black