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Sturdy brass body and burner with fine flame adjustment. Polypropylene shock resistant ergonomic handle. Range of accessories

Coleman CAMPINGAZ New PT2000 Blowtorch

SKU: CG1257
  • ג€¢ Cartridge type: C206
    ג€¢ Cartridge included: No
    ג€¢ Ignition: Manual
    ג€¢ Flame Temperature in C�°: 1750
    ג€¢ Gas Consumption: 120g/h
    ג€¢ Dimensions with cartridge: 26x12x15cm
    ג€¢ Weight: 400g
    ג€¢ Nozzle: x1400
    ג€¢ Compatible Nozzle Accessories: XP1650, X1650