Oregon Scientific AW133 GRILL RIGHT Bluetoothג„¢ BBQ Thermometer

Time to fire up the barbeque and your invite friends over, to tuck into tasty steaks, chicken, ribs, sausages or burgers?

Empowered with handy, high-tech probe for ultimate cooking convenience and app connectivity, our Bluetooth BBQ thermometer is a BBQ essential. Just tell the unit or the smart phone app what meat youג€™re preparing via the user-friendly interface, and the colour-changing display and your smart device will alert you when the meat is perfectly cooked.

With customizable cooking modes for different meat types (Beef, veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Turkey and Fish), doneness levels (Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium, Mediumג€”Well and Well Done) plus target temperature & countdown timer make preparing your favourite barbeque recipes easy.

The corresponding app also lets you easily access your preferred modes of cooking according to your previous cooking history. You can ensure your friends are not being neglected during cooking time with our 3-colour cooking status indications from the unit as well as sound and vibration alerts to your smart device, alerting you when the meat is perfectly cooked to your liking.

A stylish, water resistant easy clean design with touch key design means no grease or food particles can get inside the unit.

In addition you can share handy hints, recipe ideas and even text-integrating photos of you with friends on Facebook or Twitter with the corresponding mobile app

Bluetooth Braai Thermometer - Blk Oregon

SKU: OS3001
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