BunduAwn is BunduTec’s Self Supporting Wing Awning, designed to wrap around your vehicle.


12 400.00 ZAR


BunduAwn is a large, self supporting Wing Awning. It uses six arms to give coverage along 3 sides of your vehicle. When each arm is opened another small arm (on top of the main arm) pops up, providing additional slope to the roof, giving better water drainage and preventing large pockets of water collecting on top of your awning.

The bag of the awning, when open, closes the gap between your vehicle and the awning to prevent water running down the side of your vehicle. It is essentially a gutter while your awning is open.


The top of the awning is covered with an aluminised spray which reflects heat away from the awning. We have found a 3 – 5 degree difference in temperature below the awning when tested.

The BunduAwn features two pivot points and boasts no need for tent poles in its original 360 design. The BunduAwn has a half-meter downward slope for improved water run-off and boasts the largest surface area with the easiest set-up.

You can order a custom sized awn of up to 4 meters long.

The awning weighs about 20 kilograms.

The Imagine Comfortvan takes the 2.95 and the Imagine Trailvan takes the 2.75.

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